07 September 2011

Oldies But Goodies

No, the PICS are old, not these hot little Muslimahs!

This little sweetie seems to be the same gal! Her guy sure looks proud of her, (and her fine brown titties!)

Thanks to a "certain reader" for these! YOU know who you are. LOL

03 September 2011


Here's a few more pics. I've been negotiating online with a few hotties who may do some camshows or send some racy pix, but nothing yet. Do YOU have a g.f. or wife who's stuff you'd like to see here? Drop me a line!

29 August 2011

Quickie BJ's

Three short videos for you!!!

And I saved the best for last!

16 August 2011

Pussy Pix

These make my mouth water just looking at them!

And here's a couple of those century old pics a few of you seem to want more of!

13 August 2011

Diddling For Dollars???

Hey, I'm running out of pics, and haven't had much time to hunt for more lately. I've had a couple of you readers contribute a few here and there, but what I really want to spice this site up is some of your "private stock" LOL.

Are you a guy with a hot muslim wife or g.f.? Want to share her naughty bits with those who (like me) love Middle Eastern Babes? Or maybe youre a little hottie who wants to show your stuff without showing your face? Come-on, contribute! Genie just LOVES those fine brown boobies!!! LOL

I can't afford much, but if you send something really hot, I am willing to "pay for the plea$ure" hahaha! We can work all that out in private e-mails. The kinkier the better, piercings, tattoos, toys, maybe a like minded g.f. or two! LOL!

And here's two of those old pics from a regular reader of mine who says he loves the slave girl type. ;)

07 August 2011


Here's a muslimah hottie I'll bet we all wish we could have sucking our dicks and sitting on them too.

And here's the kind most of us are more likely to wind up with, LOL!

05 August 2011

New Pair of Videos!

Here's another two parter of a sexy hijab honey doing what she does best!

19 July 2011

A Bit Exotic

Not too many pics today. Something about these shots just caught my eye, I guess, LOL!

And here's a couple of those 100-yr.-old shots that a few of you private emailers seem to like!

13 July 2011

One Hot Muslimah!

Not much text today. Just several shots of one hot little bitch!


11 July 2011


I changed the date on this oldie to make this plea once again!

Got a special offer for you lovely Muslim hotties. Dark skin, Light skin, skinny, pudgey, doesn't matter. Any types! (Altho I do like the brown nippled ones lol!!!!)If you send me some pics, whether there digital camera shots, cellphone pics, webcam shots, I don't care. I might just writre back offering you money, yes, MONEY to do a little webcam show for us here at FREE Muslim Hottie Site. The best part for you is you don't have to show your face. Your dad and your best buddies and girls at work etc. won't know who you are, and that's iumportant on the net!! The pics I want can be as kinky as you want. Play with yourself, fingers or toys, whether your with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or just jilling off. I want material exclusive to my site!

You can be THIS girl!

(or this one lol)

Go to my profile and email me with attatchments NOW!

05 July 2011

I Love The Shy Ones

In the spirit of true Muslim "modesty" these hotties seem all too willing to show the cam there titties or pussies, but try to keep most or all of there faces covered. Like we care, right? LOL

This one should have been positioned differently so we could see more of her technique!

And in these last two shots, this one acts like she thinks or KNOWS that her papa and brothers go to sites like mine all the time. Maybe they do!

03 July 2011

Old Timers

Something very different for you. All of these shots are about a hundred years old, but don't be surprised. As soon as they invented photography, you just know that people started posing nude. Boobs and bush were around long before that, LOL.

Sad to think that all of these babes are no longer with us, huh? Shit. :(

If you like these classic shots, let me know. There's more where these came from!